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10 Popular Essential Oils for Athletes

Haleiwa Triathalon Participants: Click Here to enter to WIN  a FREE CUSTOMIZED "OILS FOR ATHLETES" KIT!

Soothing Blend

Relax muscle. Increase mobility.

A favorite, this blend helps relax muscles which gives more mobility and decreases the chance of injury. Also excellent for recovery and post workout muscle relaxation. Apply directly to areas of discomfort.

Contains: wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, german chamomile, helichrysum, osmanthus


Relief for tender joints.
Oxygenates the blood.

When joints start to feel irritated, rub lemongrass directly on the joint to relieve tenderness before, during and after exertion.

Lemongrass is one of the most least recognized, most powerful, and most affordable essential oils. 


Supports blood circulation.

The “circulation” oil. This keeps your oxygenated blood flowing so you don’t get “heavy legs"and other hindrances associate with poor circulation. Apply to injured areas to speed injury recovery.

Dilute and rub directly on areas in need of increased circulation.


Eliminate nausea.

Blocks the receptors that trigger the gag reflex that athletes experience in intense workout situations  and extreme distance running. This oil brings ultra-distance runners back from the dead. 

Put a drop on your tongue as needed or as a preventative measure.

Motivational Blend

Increase drive.

When you heart says, "Go" and your mind says, "Stop" this blend opens the receptor cells in your brain that support motivation.

Apply to neck or temples, or diffuse and breathe in.


Roman Chamomile

Heightens awareness.

This oil broadens your visual awareness and makes your senses acute. Traditional culture teaches that Roman soldiers used it before going to war. If that’s the case, this could, literally, put you in the fight. Stay present and aware in the game in while you train.

Apply to temples or diffuse and breathe before or during activity.


Muscle relaxation.

Soothes tense muscles after workout and supports the nervous system. Apply to the back of neck to reduce stress.

Dilute and apply directly to tense muscles and over-exerted tendons and ligaments. 

Metabolic Blend

Increased metabolism.

(And for you men, we’ll call it “Cut n’ Confident”) This oil blend helps with your metabolism and staves off hunger. Increased energy naturally without a crash. Add several drops to 8oz. of water and drink. Contains no stimulants.

Contains: grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon

Respiratory Blend + Arborvitae or Cedarwood

Open airways for oxygen intake.

Open lungs = more oxygen intake = better performance. These oils support clean and clear breathing opening the lungs.

Dilute and put a drop under your nose, or rub directly on chest, or inhale diffused oil. May be used before, during or after activity.


Melt away muscle tension. Increase energy.

This melts away muscle tension when applied directly. Breathed in, gives a boost of energy and clarity of thought when you’re in a daze.

Applied to back of neck or temples also gives a cooling effect when the heat and humidity are bearing down.

Bonus Supplements

Vitamin Supplements

The quickest shortcut to increased performance and recovery is fueling your body with the right vitamins and minerals.

We recommend a set of vitamins that is a game–changer. It charges your cells with optimal nutrition with vitamins and minerals. It wards off fatigue and free-radicals with anti-oxidants. And it feeds your heart and brain its favorite food: Omegas. It also contains 9 essential oils. Your daily dosage of essential oils as a foundation for optimal performance.

Contact us for our recommendation. 

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